Why Electric Curtain Tracks were perfect for the dance vibe studio

Dance vibe studios these days are getting pretty advanced with the technology that they use and ours is no exception, that’s why we opted to install a silent gliss curtain track from Discount Electric Curtains. There are so many pieces of technology that come together in order to make a place like the dance vibe studio work, not only do you need to be thinking about things such as the sound system but you need to be able to make the environment comfortable for the people within, that’s where these electric curtain tracks came in.

Why did we choose to use an electric curtain rail?

The reason that we opted to use an electric curtain rail is simply because our curtains are so hard to reach as their tucked behind our music recording desk. When we first had the place built we hadn’t thought about the need to be able to access the curtain rail but when we had all of our electrical equipment installed, it soon became pretty apparent!

Electric curtains offered us the ability to get our dance vibe recordings done in a room sheltered from sunlight by regular drapes as well as the option to close the curtains by using a remote control that was pretty simple and easy to use too! We would highly recommend.

Why Oak Flooring makes the perfect Dance Vibe Environment

The environments in which we dance and that give you that positive vibe are almost as important as the dances themselves. Solid Oak flooring has always been an excellent material to build houses from but today we are going to talk about why it’s the perfect material to dance on too. People today are choosing it increasingly more to construct their properties. One underlying cause why hardwood sales and profits really are soaring dramatically at the moment is really because tradesman and various other contractors are progressively employing it for a large number of projects, from interior decoration to construction projects.

flooring to dance on

Whenever many people are looking to purchase a construction product that will not simply withstand the years of use but is in addition readily obtainable, oak flooring is in fact the most obvious option. Hardwoods including oak together with larch have got a number of desirable attributes that can make many of them an excellent selection for home builders and dance studio constructors alike. Likewise, it’s also pretty flexible, it is able to shift in the blowing wind. It is the simplicity which raw wood might actually get found, that makes it a really appealing prospect, dealers can source it through a wide range of regions from all-around the planet. If you’re somebody who is worried regarding the caring for the environment and additionally the place the products that you use actually originated from then this specific construction material could be the best choice for you too.

The properties of solid oak flooring make them perfect for creating a dance vibe

At Dance vibe and like most people these days, we are getting increasingly concerned with the impact that our buying decisions have on the local community and environment around us, so that’s something we kept in mind when we were shopping around for our oak dance flooring.

Just a few tips on actually maintaining to wood too, in order to avoid your own hardwood from progressing to the point where it might be aged and cracked, or even deteriorated sufficiently that you believe you might need to pay money for repairs, be sure to always care for your hardwood with the correct products. A lot of hardwood structures often need things such as wood treatments, as an example within my house we now have solid oak supports which require a consistent treatment method in order to prevent the wood from drying fully and additionally then starting to break.